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The Real Reason I Love Property

I fell in love with property in 2005 when I first became an independent estate agent for a franchise. After being nominated as the Top Agent within three months of the job, I realised that I genuinely love real...

Introducing the Idwala Property Group App

We’re continuously working to make your life simpler, better and on par with emerging trends. Check out how.

Don't Break the Bank Selling Your Property

A buyers' market doesn't mean you can't help to increase the value of your home to get the asking price that it deserves. It also doesn't mean breaking the bank by over-capitalising on renovations with bells an...

It's Time to Step up

Within the real estate sector, we need to get serious about transformation, from both a race and gender perspective.

What the Downgrade Means for the South African Property Market

South Africa has been downgraded to "junk status". But what does being downgraded actually mean? What are the implications for you and I? More specifically, how does it affect the local property marke...

Ready to Take it to the Next Step?

Nowadays many couples opt for cohabitation before marriage. Before you commit to it, know the implications so that you can make an informed decision.

Want to be a Landlord? You’ll Regret not Reading This.

People often make the mistake of thinking that being a landlord is hobby. It's not. It's a business which requires your commitment, resources, and time. Be prepared.


We are looking people who want to be Professional Real Estate Agents. Interested people will join IDWALA PROPERTY GROUP as real estate interns under the One Learner One Agency Empowerment Programme provided as ...

We're Not Like That Other Agency. Here's Why

Pop quiz: What does it take to be a home owner in South Africa? 1) A basic salary only? 2) A clear ITC record that has never been dented? 3) A cash lumpsum as a deposit? Would you believ...